Joe Public had a problem.  He’d been working what seemed like non-stop for months.  That big project at the office had taken over his life, even to the point where he was spending most of his time at home working.  Nights and weekends blurred into workdays as he dealt with one problem after another.  Finally the project was finished and Joe wasted no time in putting in for that two week vacation he didn’t take the year before.

Jane Public was thrilled to find out that not only had Joe finally gotten some vacation time but that he’d suggested getting away from home for a while “just in case the boss calls with an emergency”.  They started tossing a few ideas around and checking out vacation listings online.  After a while they ran across a search result offering a family beach vacation.  They nearly tripped over each other trying to click on New Jersey amusement parks.

They soon found themselves looking at the Morey’s Piers website.  Looking around, they found that this site offered just about everything needed for a New Jersey Vacation.  The website even has a page listing Wildwood, New Jersey Hotels and Motels

They knew that the kids would love the place because and the 100 plus rides and attractions.  Surely there would be something for everybody to enjoy.  When they looked over the pricing they found a page that gave details about Morey’s Piers weekly specials.  The specials included things like “Magical Mondays”, where they would be celebrating their fortieth year by picking a guest at random and giving them randomly prizes which could be anything from wristband upgrades, free food and games to special amenities and party packages.

It wasn’t long before the Public’s had booked their vacation and begun to make their travel plans.  They knew they were in for a great time with no office business to take it over on them.

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