YouTube Bows To IOC Pressure And Yanks Video Of Free Tibet Protest

August 21st, 2008 | Posted in Censorship, News, Opinion, Politics | Comments Off on YouTube Bows To IOC Pressure And Yanks Video Of Free Tibet Protest

The International Olympic Committee filed a copyright infringement claim against YouTube recently to get them to pull a video that was made by Students for a Free Tibet which shows that under Chinese rule Tibetan monks need to be sure to get fresh term life insurance quotes and make sure that they’re covered because it just isn’t safe to be a Tibetan monk under Chinese rule.

The video that they wanted pulled was of a protest the Students for a Free Tibet in which they projected a video on the Chinese consulate in New York City and holding a candlelight vigil.  It also featured an image of the five Olympic rings as handcuffs.  (probably because supporting the Olympics in China isn’t very far away from telling China that what they’re doing is ok … which it isn’t.)

The video they projected on the consulate building showed monks being arrested including some footage of bloody, injured monks.  Stuff like this is part of the reasons that it would have been a great idea for civilized nations to boycott the Olympics in protest of China’s human rights violations.

The fact that the IOC went so far as to file copyright infringement against YouTube for hosting the video makes it clear that they either approve of or don’t care about the massive injustices being perpetrated by China on the Tibetan people.

NYC Chinese Consulate Projection Action 08.07.08 from Students for a Free Tibet on Vimeo.

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