… You just have to do something for yourself.  With all the stuff that’s gone on in our house this last month I have to say that we definitely deserve a vacation from the hassles.  Two hospital stays just this month, several more doctor visits and very nearly a third hospital stay not only leave you behind on everything, it also leaves your nerves frazzled to the max.

The thing to do is take some action that shuts off the source of stress and problems for a while.  Maybe take a trip to Branson Missouri and catch some of the shows.  For example I know my wife would particularly enjoy the shows because she’s familiar with a lot of the musicians and really enjoys their music.

Kids and almost anyone in the younger set would enjoy a the rides and attractions.  Say what you like, but I personally would be interested in trying my hand at miniature golf.  I might even get really wild and decide to check out the regular golf courses (and maybe learn how to play? I dunno.) Oh, yeah, the Go Kart Track also looks like it’d be a bunch of fun.

And now back to your regularly scheduled real life …

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