I see that Jerry Seinfeld is now busily plugging vista.  I saw him in a commercial Thursday night walking along all buddy buddy like with Bill Gates.  I honestly didn’t watch much after that because I’ve never cared much about watching Seinfeld in anything.

I wonder why he’s doing the Microsoft Vista dance now?  Could it be that the entertainment industry is starting to understand that he’s not really all that funny and he’s not had any luck coming up with acting jobs?

Nah.. It’s because Microsoft is paying him a bundle to do it.  Too many people still think Jerry’s funny and while he has come up with a line or three now and then that I thought was funny I don’t think that overall he’s all that OR a bag of chips… But then again that’s my point of view.

What I’d like to see is one of those everybody recognizes them type personalities start showing up in ads that are aimed at educating people about the Linux alternative.  Make ’em funny, informative and memorable and there’d be a whole lot of people giving a second thought to Microsoft operating systems.

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