News on the censorship front is that the Thai government tried to shut down some 400 web sites because they have stuff on them that the government doesn’t approve of.  Funny thing about that is that according to the Guardian, 344 of those sites were apparently political and social commentary types.

“carried material that was contemptuous of the country’s royal family”.

Big surprise, a government has lots of people that don’t like it and it’s policies and therefore choose to express their dissatisfaction with those policies and their dissatisfaction and contempt for said government.  A halfway reasonable government would just leave ’em alone.  The fastest way to spread protest and contempt is to try to shut down people’s freedom of speech and stop them talking about it.

In addition to this they also ordered ISPs to block another 1200 sites that the government says is

“disturbing the social order or are a danger to national security.”

Translate that to mean “anything that doesn’t toe the government line or that even LOOKs like it might not agree with the head honchos.”

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