Done with re-posting…

September 9th, 2006 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff, Site News | Comments Off on Done with re-posting…

At least I hope I’m done with it.  Keeping multiple backups in a couple
of different places should prevent any need for having to re-construct
this thing again or at the very least it’ll keep the data loss down to a
single day or less… That much I’d have no problem re-posting.

A thought I’m going to have to pass on to the Thingamablog developers is
that it REALLY needs two things.

1, some kind of built-in backup facility.  Something that will keep a
user-configurable number of backups.. Perhaps have the backups created
at the end of each "Publish" operation.

2, In the event of the worst disaster, being able to import previous
entries from the blog-site back into Thingamablog’s database would be
great.  (as long as the missing data was noticed before a new "publish"
operation overwrote the site!)

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