The rolling and screaming BS that the “Big Oil” companies and OPEC have been putting us through for the last several years has taken away something from our culture.  As most (if not all) Americans are thoroughly familiar with our great love affair with the car.

Most of us remember some important things that are related to when we got our first drivers license and then our first car.  Everything from that first zit explosion that sent us desperately trying to find out how to get rid of acne to those first clumsy dates where we were almost too nervous to function at all.

Thanks to the price of fuel and the effect it’s having on the economy, all that seems like it’s in danger of being forgotten by a generation that has to scrape and fight for the cash to get that first car and keep it on the road.

And now to add insult to injury, Ford has come up with a car that gets 65 Miles Per Gallon!  Granted, it runs on Diesel but if it gets mileage like that, who cares?!  (note that it was an American car maker that came up with this.  I knew all along that this kind of thing was possible)

The problem is that the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic will not be sold in America.  Ford cites “business reasons” for not selling a economical car in it’s home nation which happens to be perhaps the biggest market for such a thing ever.

I think that this kind of thing is inexcusable.  Ford should do whatever it takes to get this thing available in it’s economy version built and sold in America. I think it would also be a great idea for American car owners everywhere to get after Ford about this and nag them until they do it.

And I don’t mean coming up with a gasoline version that maybe gets 32mpg like everything else out there.  I’m talking about the full 65mpg diesel powered version.

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