In a move that shows very clearly that somebody at Nielson obviously doesn’t have all of their cards shuffled just right, they’ve hit Wikipedia with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) takedown notice forcing Wikipedia to remove over 300 pages.

What’s really stupid about this is that all these pages were is lists of television stations by geographic areas.  This sort of thing isn’t even copyrightable because it isn’t anything more than freely available data that anyone could compile.  I figure the only reason they’re doing this has to do with the way the RIAA treats all music as if they created it and the MPAA treats all movies as if they owned them.  Like these examples, Nielson simply wants to exercise authority over all things concerning television related information.

Next thing you know they’ll be hard after anybody that expresses an opinion about what tv shows get watched by more people.  I can see it now… one guy says to another “I think nobody showed up ’cause they’re all watching the Superbowl” [WHAM!] He gets hit with a lawsuit from Nielson for eighty zillion dollars for violating their turf.

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