Ever have one of those times when you *just* missed answering the phone before it stopped ringing?  I have, lots of times.  I’ve also had problems with telemarketers calling with those really annoying automated phone messages.  Then there’s the times when some prank caller is becoming a major pain.

Yeah, I know, there’s such a thing as caller-id, but that’s not always helpful when all it gives you is a phone number and no name.  You know the number that you were called from but you don’t know whose number that is, if you did, you might have a better idea what it was they wanted.

Then there’s the occasional mystery number that appears on your phone bill.  That’s always been a case of the only way to find out who it was is to call the number and incur even more expense finding out who was called.  The best way to look it up would be if you had access to a reverse phone directory where you can look up the number and find the name attached to it.  The problem there is that a reverse phonebook is not exactly an easy thing to find.

Of course, even if you can find one, odds are very high that cell phone numbers won’t be listed in it at all.  That’s where TraceNumber.com comes in.  It’s a free reverse phone book online that allows you to enter a phone number and find out plenty of information such as the State, County, City, Line Type (landline or cell) and the Phone Carrier for that number.

For many numbers, it will also have the name and physical address that goes along with it (assuming that information is available in public databases).  Now it’s true that not all information is available via the free search.  In those cases an option is available for a paid search that can yield all of that information and more.  Somebody who really used such a service a lot would even be well off to consider an offer I saw on their site that gives a year of access for $39.95.

Their service is good for telephone and cell phone numbers in US and Canada.  In fact, it’s the only service I’ve heard of that provides free reverse cell phone lookup capabilities.  Then there is the confidentiality aspect.  All number lookups are 100% confidential and nobody is ever informed that you’ve looked up their phone number.

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