Have you ever had a food nightmare?  Sorta like the old joke about dreaming you’re eating a giant marshmallow and waking up to discover your pillow is missing?  How about having one while awake?  I think I’ve just had one.

It all started when I received a stumble that landed me on a blog post titled: “Ten Foods You’ll Find, Eat, and Regret at the State Fair” That title was a bit unsettling but also inspired a certain curiosity.  We’re all curious about things that we eventually end up wishing that we hadn’t bothered finding out.  Therefore it was with that morbid curiosity that I started reading.

The first paragraph was enough to make me pause and wonder if I’d actually read the comment about deep-fried calamari with warm marinara sauce.  I couldn’t help picturing such a dish.  Fortunately I was able to shake it, otherwise I’d have needed a week in a drug rehab to clear the horrid image from my mind.

In spite of that ominous mental image that should have been warning enough, I dove into the article.  The first concoction I ran into was the Krispy Kreme Burger.  A bit odd I thought but strangly compelling all the same.  The Kool-Aid Dill Pickles once again convinced me that surely *somebody* needed drug treatment!  Such a thing surely ought not to be.

The Deep fried Drinks had some potential and the “Donkey tail” sounded (and looked) worse than it probably is. The deep fried cookie dough… now that’s a treat I could enjoy.. Kinda like a giant cookie on a stick.  Likewise the “cool dog” looked pretty good.

The dish of Fried Avocados and Fried Guacamole is one that I’d more than likely pass, not being a fan of Avocados at all.  “Fried Mac ’n Cheese” on the other hand would no doubt be great and probably add a lot where you don’t want it as well.

“Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick” also looked interesting.  The “Butter Bust” reminded me of an episode of “Paula’s Party” when some people unveiled a carving of Paula Deen that had been done in butter.  Cool to look at, artistic and all but It’d take too long to use up that much butter and there’s no way I want to store something like that just to keep from destroying it.  I think that’s why such things are traditionaly chiseled out of stone.

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