Just as the previous storm of ‘breaking news’ emails about the bailout bill passing isn’t really news (after all, we knew it was going to pass in one form or another, right?), the latest storm is all about how OJ was found guilty and could now spend the remainder of his life in jail.

Whether you think he really was guilty (of either crime) or not, you have to admit that saying he was going to be convicted eventually is kinda like saying how cool rc helicopters are.  It’s a major understatement.

Speaking of RC helicopters, Here’s a video demo of one that I ran across.  This thing is ok to fly inside and has like a four channel remote to control it with. (I think the lights on the one in the video are something somebody added on to it.. cool effect though)

One of these days when I’m a blogging multimillionaire, I’m going to get stuff like this and take serious amounts of time playing around with it.

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