There’s a piece on PCPro about “Windows Cloud” being released soon.  There’s all the usual Microsoft company line stuff about how innovative and wonderful they are for pushing windows into “cloud computing”.. yada yada yada PHHHHBBBBBT!

It’s kinda funny really, to read about Ballmer talking about computing security in nearly the same breath as “cloud computing”.  That whole concept is fraught with potential security problems.  I’ll admit to not knowing a whole heck of a lot about it, but to me “cloud computing” is like saying that foods with tons of sugar are the best fat burners because they amp up the metabolism in the “sugar high”.  It’s BS.

Putting your computing tasks out into “the cloud” is just ASKING somebody to find a way to mess with your stuff.

Part of what Ballmer was quoted as saying was downright offensive:

Asked if the company had learned anything from Vista’s turbulent release, Ballmer ruefully responded: “The biggest trade off we made was sacrificing security for compatibility. I’m not sure the end-users really appreciated that trade off.”

I’m not sure Ballmer really appreciates the end users that would cheerfully make him eat a printout of the source code for his precious vista.

What the article is saying says to me that not only did Vista break a bunch of stuff, the next version is going to break anything that Vista didn’t.  Oh yeah, Ballmer did say something about that:

“so with Windows 7 it’s not ‘a let’s break everything in Vista’, it’s ‘let’s take everything to the next level’.”

Note that while he’s talking about not breaking anything in Vista, he hasn’t said a thing about not breaking more stuff from anything prior to Vista.

By the way, I had occasion to speak to a guy at a computer shop about a problem with a Vista laptop and when I made a crack about how my next machine is going to be a linux box he said that he’s been hearing a lot of that kind of talk in the last few months.

Gee, I wonder if Ballmer really appreciated his end users while he had them?  With the migration to Linux increasing the way it seems to be, I’d have to say no, he probably didn’t.

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