As if Briton wasn’t already one of, if not actually THE most surveilled nation on the planet, their government has decided to spend billions on a program that is intended to monitor every phone call, email and all internet usage.

And I thought WE had a problem with domestic spying here in the US!

As you can easily predict, the reason for doing all this is not to provide work to unemployed drivers of moving trucks.  They’re of course waving the very tired, worn out flag of the war on terrorism to justify this wholesale invasion of privacy by a government.

It’s things like this that are part of the reason that governments need to be not only watched, but held in check by their citizens.  They seem to have a bad habit of forgetting that the only reason they exist is to serve the citizens.

How long before they not only spy on everybody, but start censoring anything that’s contrary to what the government likes?

This kind of thing is also a good reason why everybody should have and regularly use the strongest encryption, privacy and anonymity tools available.  It’s not about having anything to hide, it’s about some things in life are none of the government’s flippin business!

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