There’s an article on the Washington Post site that I think everybody should read and think about.

It talks about some of the details of the capability to mount visual surveillance from orbiting satellites and other sources.  For one thing, lets not make any mistake about just what these things can see.  How does a resolution of from four inches to one foot sound?

With that kind of resolution they could read the headlines off of the morning newspaper while you’re outside picking it up.  The thing is that with all the video they’re able to get, once they come up with a way to index all of this material handling it and searching it will become really fast.

Does this sound a bit like Big Brother’s dream toy?  Yeah, I thought so too.  The question is “How do we pull the plug on it?”.  This growing trend of allowing more surveillance, censorship and government control of our lives in the name of things that on the surface, sound like good causes is really alarming.

Yeah, I get it.  The big argument in favor of asinine nonsense like this is the “war on terror” that we keep being told about.  Now I don’t discount the fact that there are terrorists out there that would be only too happy to die in the process of killing as many of us as they could.  However I’ve come to have some really serious doubts as to whether the terrorism problem is *quite* as bad as it’s being painted.  I doubt seriously that it is.

Just like the growing internet censorship that’s being allowed to happen in the name of stopping child pornography.  I know that stuff like that is out there, I’m also pretty sure that it’s not nearly as widespread as government, law enforcement and the media would have us all believe.  If it was, most people could probably expect to accidentally surf into a child porn site at least a couple of times and / or occasionally receive email spam with graphic images.

I’ve absolutely never heard of either thing happening in over a decade of being online.

Not once.


I think that’s telling all by itself.

It’s past time for the sheeple to wake up and reclaim their humanity and human rights.

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