In today’s world, one of *THE* biggest things is fuel prices and the need to save money on fuel and also just plain be nicer to the environment by not using so much.  After all, to hear some people talk, you’d think that if the Earth were to be looking for a health insurance quote, no agency in the galaxy would take it as a client (thoughI personally think that while being environmentally friendly is a good idea, we’re not in “global warming” either.) Anyway, one of the things that people are doing about this is carpooling in greater numbers than ever before.

There’s even a web startup, PickupPal that describes itself as “an intelligent route matching system which enables users to easily find like-minded, connected people who are going the same way.”

Sound like a good idea?  Yeah, I thought so too.  I don’t have any need to carpool myself but if I lived in a major city and had to commute all over the place I’d give it a shot.

Unfortunately, the bus companies in Ontario have a problem with it.  [click to hear the Ontario bus company reaction as I see it (wav file)] They took the site to court, and actually won.  As a result, the site was fined (?!?!?!) and a really restrictive set of rules put in place to “define” carpooling and make it harder for people to use the site in Ontario.

Fortunately, the rest of us don’t have to live with *quite* so restrictive a set of rules… for the time being anyway.  How long before big business takes over the world or has it already made too much progress?

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