I’m sure that most of us remember Melamine, it’s the stuff that a couple years ago started showing up in pet foods and then baby foods that originated in China.  Well, Now it’s “detected in samples of top-selling U.S. infant formula”.  What’s really obnoxious is the rest of that statement.. “but federal regulators insist the products are safe. ”

I honestly don’t get this.  I remember when this stuff started showing up in pet foods and baby foods and the source was traced to Chinese manufacturers.  I’m quite certain that if their favorite wines showed up with even the slightest trace of the stuff they’d want to make sure that their local wine of the month club pulled any and all products containing it.

The stuff wasn’t safe two years ago and there’s no reason to assume that it’s safe now.. in any amount.  Especially since the FDA (and presumably nobody else) has been able to determine what, if any, level of Melemine is safe for infants.

Yet, in spite of this, one idiot-in-training said that :

it would be a “dangerous overreaction” for parents to stop feeding infant formula to babies who depend on it.

Another thing that’s really annoying is that they managed to avoid mentioning *which* products were involved until halfway through the article and then it didn’t read like anyone was trying to be informative about it, only that somebody was covering their butt.  Somebody wants to be able to say they gave warning but they’re not interested in saying anything that might affect Corporate Profits:

Nestle’s Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron detected an average of 0.247 parts per million of cyanuric acid, a melamine byproduct.

The FDA tests also detected melamine in two samples of nutritional supplements for very sick children who have trouble digesting regular food. Nestle’s Peptamen Junior medical food showed 0.201 and 0.206 parts per million of melamine while Nestle’s Nutren Junior-Fiber showed 0.16 and 0.184 parts per million.

Personally, I find myself in agreement with a quote by Rep. Bart Stupak, who said:

“If no safe level of melamine has been established for consumption by children, then the FDA should immediately recall any formula that has tested positive for even trace amounts of the contaminant.”

I think that the fact that this hasn’t been given more press and the products recalled is outrageous.  Isn’t it bad enough that Chinese manufacturers are trying to kill us?  Nobody’s interested in allowing the Chinese made stuff to get through and we certainly don’t need to allow this stuff from what is ostensibly our own people.

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