I’ve just been going over news headlines in my email over the last week and there’s one in particular that I’m getting VERY tired of seeing.  The headline “Obama Says “Help Is On The Way”“.

I suppose it is a very real possibility that he’ll turn out to be a real alli in getting the economy turned around but this headline is written like he was arriving in Washington by flying in under his own power wearing a spandex costume and a cape like Underdog or something and folks, that just ain’t so.

I voted for McCain, partly because of the experience issue and partly because Mr. Obama sounded like a tax increase waiting to happen (and he still does IMNSHO).  However the main reason I voted for McCain is because Obama is just a little bit TOO charismatic for my taste.

There’s just something about a politician that essentially was a nobody just a very few short years ago appearing seemingly out of nowhere to get elected to the Senate and just as suddenly he’s on the presidential campaign trail… Maybe you’ll think It’s nuts and perhaps it is but that combination of factors makes for somebody that I simply can’t trust and now that he’s elected, he bears watching.

He might turn out to be just fine (as much as any politician ever is) and have some decent ideas and do some good for the economy and the problem of increasing domestic energy production.  I hope so, I’m just not going to hold my breath.

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