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Catching up with the news again (I do tend to get behind don’t I?) I ran across an article on CBS that proves once again how few actual working brain cells there are in the nation’s capitol.

This is one of those things that leaves me actually not surprised, perhaps even relieved when I hear about politicians spending all the money they do on trips to las vegas nv for “conferences”, “party meetings” or just plain to get drunk and gamble.  It means that they’re not in Washington doing something REALLY stupid.

Case in point is this story that talked about how Bush rejected a plea from Israel for bunker buster bombs to use on an Iranian nuclear facility.

opting instead to authorize a new U.S. covert action aimed at sabotaging Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program

Later on in that same article:

The covert program will also be handed off to President-elect Barack Obama, who will decide whether to continue it.

Yer kidding, right?  Hello, McFly? Anybody home?  Somebody tell me just exactly how “covert” this operation is ever going to be again now that it’s been discussed in mainstream media?

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