My neighbor’s at it again.  You know, the one with the loud stereo, louder car Etc.?  As if being loud and punishing to the ears, I’m here to tell you that there’s such a thing as being too loud on the eyes as well.  How’s that?  You ask?  Easy, just picture a car that’s been modified and hopped up so much that it barely resembles the machine that originally rolled off of the assembly line.

I mean, we’re talking spoilers, turbocharger intake coming out of the hood and again, just about everything you could do to a car and still (barely) keep it street legal.  Now for the kicker.  That car now looks like somebody stretched a corset over it.

To start with the car is absolutely the brightest neon fire engine red you’ve ever laid eyes on.  The thing darn near glows in the dark.  Oh, let’s not forget the red neon lights on the undercarriage.  Not only does the thing glow, it leaves a glowing footprint on top of that.

Now add what looks like 30 hours or more of airbrush work with absolutely pure titanium white.  The complex pattern covers the entire roof and then wraps around the car, covering the doors and side panels.  I tell you it looks like a corset.  Or perhaps maybe like a giant version of Shelob decided to wrap the thing up for safekeeping.  Either way it hurts to look at it.

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