That’s right. It seems that in 2008, the NYPD’s tendency to stop, question and frisk people for one reason or another, that this has meant half a million people or more.

The rate that this is increasing doesn’t look like any kind of linear motion, it seems a lot closer to being nearly exponential at times.

What’s really “special” about this is two details that strike me as more than a bit tellig.

1. Of that number, roughly 80% of the people stopped were black or Hispanic and that these people were much more likely to have physical force used on them in the process.

2. According to the Center for Constitutional Rights, “of the cumulative number of stops made since 2005, only 2.6 percent resulted in the discovery of a weapon.”

Seems to me that when you’re getting results that low, something is genuinely out of whack with your choice of people to stop.

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