According to a NYTimes article, The Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance court (FISA) has going to issue a ruling that validates the Bush administration’s claim that the President does have the power to order the wiretapping of international phone calls and intercept email messages without any court order.

Never mind the fact that this is not only a severe invasion of Americans’ private communications and our right to privacy, never mind the fact that this warratless wiretapping program, is in direct violation of the fourth amendment, The good o’l boys on the FISA court say it’s ok.

Of course, those of us who haven’t overdosed on Decaslim and caused out brains to shrivel up like an overdone raisin know that this issue is far from settled.  It’s also plain that when it finally is settled, there are going to be some very surprised people making their way to federal prison where they will stay for a very long time.

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