Warrantless Wiretaps By NSA Targeted Non-Terrorists, Journalists

January 22nd, 2009 | Posted in Current Events, domestic spying, Internet, News, NSA, Opinion, Politics, Security, Tracking | Comments Off on Warrantless Wiretaps By NSA Targeted Non-Terrorists, Journalists

If anybody ever had any doubt that the NSA, under orders from President Bush, were engaged in a massive illegal warrantless wiretapping scheme they can put those doubts to rest.

On NBC’s “Countdown” with Kieth Olberman Russel Tice, a former analyst for the NSA reveals that the Bush administration’s illegal spying campaign had a lot more going on than most people suspected or wanted to believe.

He reveals that the Bush administration specifically targeted “non-terrorist” groups for special surveillance and that journalists were specifically targeted.  Being targeted like this means more than just “they’re watching you”, it means that they are monitoring, recording, digitizing and archiving ALL of your communications.  Every phone call, every email, All of it.

All of this being done without benefit of probable cause, warrant, or even some kind of judicial order.  Every bit of it clearly in violation of the fourth amendment.  Also, when you watch this video, don’t forget that journalists were just one of many groups that were targeted by Bush administration’s illegal domestic spying program run by the NSA.

There are still LOADS of questions to consider about this.  To name just a very few: How many other groups were targeted?  What are those groups?  Will the Obama administration do anything to put a stop to this?  Will anything be done to prosecute those responsible for this?  Will “W” ever have to answer in court or before a Congressional or Senate committee for this?

I certainly would like to see at least some of the people directly responsible on the inside of a prison cell for a very long time.  (being a realistic person however, I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting.)

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