Lastdays Watch 36 mirrored in freenet

September 23rd, 2006 | Posted in Internet, Last Days, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Privacy, Security, Site News | Comments Off on Lastdays Watch 36 mirrored in freenet

I posted the 36th edition of Lastdays
earlier, and now the insert is complete for the in-freenet
mirror. The freenet url is:,ckqhs1YME2xL0Ub3XcWpnA/watch/4//

in order for the freenet link to work you must be running freenet 0.5,
which you can get at

Don’t let the "old" part of that url worry you. Freenet developers are
working on a new version of freenet, 0.7 which is not compatible with
0.5 and is still very much in testing and serious development. Version
0.5 is still in use by a lots of people and will continue to be for a
long time to come.

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