Y’know, sometimes it’s real obvious that some people have entirely too
much time on their hands. Apparently there has been an ongoing argument
about Neil Armstrong’s infamous line as he stepped off the lem. Some of
these people with nothing better to do or argue about complained for
years that he didn’t use gramatically correct English and left out the
‘a’ in what they say should have been "That’s one small step for a man"

All this time Armstrong had been saying that he believed he did use the
"correct" version. Now this programmer in Australia comes along and
analyzes the audio and what does he find? Just that Armstrong was right
all along and the "Grammar Police" spent years chasing a dead end.

Don’t get me wrong, Proper Grammar is important and we should all make
an effort to use it, however I really don’t think that it’s something
that needed to be argued about for over thirty years either. It’s not *THAT*

Revises Armstrong’s Moon Quote

Sep 30, 10:27 PM (ET)

HOUSTON (AP) – That’s one small word for astronaut Neil Armstrong,
one giant revision for grammar sticklers everywhere.

An Australian computer programmer says he found the missing "a"
from Armstrong’s famous first words from the moon in 1969, when the
world heard the phrase, "That’s one small step for man, one giant leap
for mankind."

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