Y’know, I’m not a fan of online gambling at all. I’m sure in fact that it’s been the ruin of a lot of families and buisnesses.  But… More than anything, this kind of law is going to do more to drive a lot of it underground.  Gambling debts will be disguised as other things and collected anyway.  Those who want to gamble will do so one way or the other, and those who have debts to collect will do so one way or another, legal or not.  If they can’t use banks and credit cards to do so, perhaps they’ll go back to breaking legs.

US Outlaws Online Gambling

imaginaryelf writes, “As reported earlier on Slashdot, in the closing hours of the US Congressional session on Friday, September 29, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (H.R.4411.RH) was attached to the Safe Port Act of 2006 H.R.4954.EAS. To the surprise of many, the bill passed both the House and the Senate, and Bush is expected to sign it into law this week. This effectively outlaws online gambling in the US, by way of making it illegal for credit-card companies to collect payments for bets. The financial markets punished the stock of online gambling companies as some prepared to pull out of the US entirely.”

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