The recent ice storm that swept across the central US has certainly been a pain and as I understand it, that pain continues for a large number of people who even now still do not have electric service restored.  I know exactly how worse than merely inconvenient that is having spent six days without power myself because of that same storm.

Suffice it to say that, even in Arkansas, when the power’s off the furnace doesn’t run and that made for an average inside temp of about 35-40 degrees or so after about the second day.  I hope that it’s a LONG time before it’s cold enough inside to see my breath.  As it is, there’s still some people even in this area that haven’t had power restored yet.

Then of course, once the power did *finally* come back on, it took another couple of days to become stable enough not to have about two dozen little random “blinks” where the power went off for a second or two.  That wasn’t a major concern for most things but it made trying to get anything done on the computer an object lesson in saving one’s work VERY frequently.

This also played havoc with phone service.  Normally a power failure doesn’t affect phone service because the phone lines carry their own power, however this situation was bad enough to cut power to quite a few phone co. switching stations.  Then there’s all the downed phone lines to further complicate matters.  Even cell phone service became unavailable as the cell towers were either damaged or lost power themselves.  Adding insult to injury, when cell service started working again (before my power came back on), my cell phone battery didn’t have any power left.

Getting past all that, the next thing to come along was some MySql issues that caused this blog to be inaccessible for nearly 24 hours.

All things considered, I think it’s well past time for a whole lot of things to start working right for just about everybody.  I seriously think we’ve earned it.

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