I’ve got a good question, Why is it that this mess in Sudan has been allowed to go on for as long as it has?  It was alright to get all upset and do something about Saddam Hussein and among other things the mass murder campaigns he and his government were running, it’s ok to go after al-qada.  It was just fine to put the taliban out of power in Afghanistan and let those people out from under that tyrany. 

It’s even ok (albeit after a lot of anti-Israel talk and propaganda) for Israel to take action against the terrorist group hezbolla.

Why has it been so hard, taken so long, for anyone to do anything meaningful for the Sudanese people who’re being killed, tortured, sold as slaves and worse?  Why is the group responsible not being held accountable?  Why is this not in the news EVERY DAY until something is finally done about it and a permanent solution put in place?

Tough Darfur sanctions urged

Sanctions should be imposed on Sudan unless it agrees to UN peacekeepers in Darfur, a report says.

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