Perhaps it might be a bit extreme to think that Australia’s government is quite as bad as all that but then again, I can’t begin to say how many stories I’ve seen over the last couple of years that show a definite trend in that direction.  Privacy and freedom of speech is taking hit after hit there (yah, I know, the US isn’t exactly stellar in that regard anymore is it? Thanks mr Bush.).

They’ve taken a lot of steps to make it easier for police and intel people to snoop on just about anybody for any or even no reason.  Freedom of speech is fast becoming a thing of the past and I have no doubt that there’s some government operated “extended stay hotels” that are little more than secret prisons where the incarcerated have little, if any, rights and now there’s a story on an Australian news site with the screaming tittle “Humans ‘will be implanted with microchips'”.

In which there’s a whole lot of talk that’s trying to justify and predict that microchip implants will be required someday.  I have no doubt that’s true.  I also have no intention of ever complying with such a requirement.

Then again, we in the US have the homeland security act, the patriot act, gitmo, warrantless wiretapping, domestic spying, free speech zones, and no doubt a whole lot more on the way.

So I don’t suppose I can actually say for 100% certain if Australia is leading the way or not.  It could well be a three way tie between Britain, Australia and the US.

On a related note (well, sorta): during the recent power failure I was listening to Paul Harvey on the car radio and he popped up with a quote that I just have to share.  I don’t know who it’s attributed to and right now I’m too lazy to look it up but here it is:

If all of the lawyers in the world were laid end to end around the equator

We’d all be better off.

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