All I can say here is that Microsoft is way more than a day late and a dollar short.  This new version of IE with these latest fixes is basically them only now getting around to implementing things that Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and others did years ago. 

My prediction (and hope honnestly) is that more and more users will be moving from IE to seriously better browsers like Firefox.  If the guys in Redmond had done some of this stuff four or five years ago they would have had a better chance at stopping the downward slide of IE use.  As it is, it’s only a matter of time before a NON-Microsoft browser takes the dominant position in the browsing world.  It will probably be Firefox.

On IE7 CSS Changes

writes "IE development team has
released a list of CSS changes for IE7. Some of the notable new features
are enabling :hover for all elements, and implementing position:fixed,
and PNG transparency support. In addition, there is a long list of fixed
bugs that plagued previous IE browsers for years. These changes (except
for PNG transparency) only work under the <!DOCTYPE> switch to preserve
compatibility with previous versions of IE."

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