Speaking of Firefox in the last post and what do I see a couple minutes
later.. They’re releasing the next major version… EARLY.

I wonder. Has Microsoft EVER released something early…. AND have it
work right? …didn’t think so.

2.0 Posted a Day Early

A number of readers alerted
us to the [link removed] day-early [accidental] posting of Firefox
version 2.0. At this writing the top page at mozilla.com still doesn’t
mention its availability. One reader pointed us to [link removed] a
mirror and another recommended a comprehensive review of Firefox 2.0,
with many screenshots, over at mozillalinks.org. Update by RM: – links
above removed at request of Mozilla release people. They asked us to
link to this note instead. They’re only asking us to wait until
Tuesday Afternoon (U.S. Pacific Time) for the official 2.0 download,
which isn’t long. (Patience is a virtue, etc.)

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