Verizon has joined the ranks of those who want to play fast and loose with your private personal information for their own profit.  According to a recent slashdot item, they’re sending out notification letters telling customers that they’ve got 45 days to opt out of this invasion of privacy.

Of course, since it’s written in legalese I figure that it’s entirely probable that a lot of people will start to read it and end up tossing it because it’s obfuscated in legalese.  I wouldn’t doubt that’s the reason they’ve done it that way, they know full well that most people are unwilling to puzzle out the legal language.

Then there’s the additional juicy tidbit that if you handle your billing online, you will not be getting that letter.  Instead, you have to find it in your messages online.

What information are they planning to share?

“services purchased” (which can include specific calls you make and receive), billing information, technical as well as location info.  In other words, just about anything they’ve got on you.

How to opt out

Log in to the Verizon website.  Then on the red bar near the top of the page, hover your mouse over “My Verizon.” Click on “My Profile.” without going to the menu that pops up.

Scroll down to the second section, under Phone Controls, Look for the link “View/Edit Privacy (CPNI) Settings.” and click on that.

Then click on the “Don’t share my CPNI.” button.

Finally, hit the save button before and you’re done.

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