I believe that Microsofts new love affair with DRM "features" in it’s new Windows Vista is going to result in two primary reactions:

1.  Various bright people with a drive to beat the system will develop assorted ways of getting around or outright removing various "features" of vista that they don’t like.

2.  The number of people moving to Linux will continue to grow as they decide that they’ve had enough of paying a fortune to Microsoft when they can get perfectly good Linux installations for the cost of a free download.  Or at most a few bucks to cover the cost of copying and shipping to get an install cd in the mail.

DRM Prevents Kernel Tampering

mjdroner writes "A ZDNet
blog reports on a new DRM feature for Vista that ‘protects’ the kernel
from tampering. The blog quotes a Microsoft document: ‘Code (CI)
protects Windows Vista by verifying that system binaries haven’t been
tampered with by malicious code and by ensuring that there are no
unsigned drivers running in kernel mode on the system.’ The blog says
that much of the DRM in Vista is simply a port from XP, but that this
feature is new to the OS."

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