When Google first launched their new “Latitude” service, one of the big questions that a lot of people had about it concerned the privacy of location information.  Would they maintain logs of location data?  Would they hand over location data without at least requiring a warrant?

Well, according to a recent item on EFF’s Deeplinks blog, Google has decided to adopt a policy that basically adds up to “come back with a warrant”.

This goes along with efforts by the EFF and other privacy advocates to convince the government and judges that warrants should also be required to obtain location information from people’s cell phone records.

Even if your cell phone doesn’t have GPS capability, your location can still be at least partly determined based on which cell towers are used to route your call.

In fact, the only sure fired way to keep your cell phone from tattling your location is to turn it off and remove the battery.

Yeah, I know, that puts a real damper on the convenience of a cell phone.  I guess it all depends on what you consider your privacy needs to be.  Sometimes it’s worth turning the bugger off and yanking the battery.

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