Once again it’s being proven that unless you take action to insure it, you do NOT have any real anonymity online.  A good example is a recent case of an Ontario court ordering the owners of the FreeDominion.ca website to reveal all of the personal information they have on eight anonymous posters.

As I’ve said before, the only time you have real anonymity online is if you take the time to learn how to achieve it in a secure manner and then apply that knowledge.  It *IS* possible to be totally anonymous online but if you get lazy or miss a step, then all it’ll take is for the right court order to, like a legal box cutter, split your anonymity wide open.

This is why you should always regard anything you do online to have the possibility of ending up on a billboard somewhere.  And if you’re going to act “anonymously”, make sure first just exactly how anonymous you are before you start posting messages that you’d rather not get traced back to you.

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