I’ve been doing more and more work with video in recent months and I’ve come to the conclusion that while it’s just fine to work with the project on my main desktop machine and get all the effects, transitions and various tracks of video and audio all arranged the way they need to be.  Actually rendering the finished movie is often beyond what I can expect my aging desktop to do.

Just last week I put together a seven minute twenty second video and then found myself twiddling my thumbs for just over four hours waiting for it to render.  Imagine if I’d tried to do something really ambitious with multiple video and audio tracks and lots of special effects and transitions!  I can hear it screaming “no Sale“, not gonna do it.

I’m thinking now that perhaps the better way to go would be to get a second machine.  Something with at least dual core cpu running at two gigahertz or faster and three or four gigabytes of ram and once a video project was ready to render, save the project and copy the entire project folder and the project file to the second machine and let it handle the final rendering.

So, I’ve been looking around and so far, the best candidate I’ve found yet is the “Lenovo ThinkCentre A57 Desktop“.  It’s got the dual core cpu and can deal with up to four gigs of ram so it’s likely to be up to a lot more than my current desktop.  Best of all, it isn’t infected with Vista.  Instead it comes with good old XP Pro.

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