Bad Commercial Design

April 1st, 2009 | Posted in Marketing, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Opinion | Comments Off on Bad Commercial Design

We all know about how some commercials seem to take on something of a life of their own.  Infamous Campaigns like “Where’s the Beef?” and “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” are just two examples of commercial campaigns that not only went “viral” but managed to become part of our culture.

Then there are commercials that aren’t thought out quite as well as they should be.  One good example is a tv ad that I saw just about 20 minutes ago.  It was a farm supply dealership and at the beginning of the ad they declared “It’s deer season” several times.  It was in fact the main theme of the ad.

What I think wasn’t considered was the area it was broadcast in.  In this rural community there’s a lot of hunters and a declaration of “deer season” is something that I personally wouldn’t want to do unless I first got a term life insurance quote and bought a good policy because when those hunters hear “deer season”, they’re going to be all over it.

In a way, I understand why they used the ad that they did because they were selling John Deere tractors and in that context, “Deer season” means it’s time to buy a new tractor and get a good deal.  I just wonder how many people are going to show up at the dealership in cammo and carrying shotguns.

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