I just read another one of those stories that lead you to question the sanity and / or overall intelligence (or the lack thereof) of the people involved.  You see, this guy and his three groomsmen were having a bachelor party.  Normal enough sort of thing I know but you see, one of the groomsmen decided it would be a Jim Dandy idea to bring a bear to the party.

I’m of the opinion that if I’m at a party or whatever and somebody brings a bear in, I’m following the exit signs and getting the heck out of there fast.  Ok, I’ll give a little bit of credit.  It wasn’t a wild bear, it was part of an animal act and it actually did include a professional handler.  Thing is, you never know when something is going to happen that wasn’t on the schedule and in this case it was the handler getting sick. 

The handler had to leave the party (good thing too, as it turned out to be appendicitis).  However for some reason neither he, nor the guys partying, seemed to have the sense to call someone and say “Hey, you’re handler’s sick and had to go, can you get somebody over hear to deal with this bear?  Quickly!?”.

No.  Instead, they apparently just went on with the party.  Long story short, the bear eventually got upset and they ended up spending 18 hours trapped in the bathroom with the bear spending at least part of his time sleeping against the door.

To make matters worse, they had this genius idea of confiscating all cell phones and stashing them in an empty ice bucket, which of course wasn’t in the bathroom, so nobody could call for help.

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