As Microsoft is releasing IE 7, The folks at Mozilla are releasing the
next major verion of Firefox. As usual, Microsoft is more than a day
late and a dollar short in terms of the ‘new features’ in IE 7… Things
like Tabbed browsing that Mozilla came up with years ago and I’ve still
not seen anything about whether or not the new IE will comply with HTML
4.01 standards the way good browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera
have done for years or if IE will continue to encourage browser specific
non-standard html coding that doesn’t get rendered the same in all

Let’s just say that I think Firefox’s share of the browser popularity is
going to continue to rise as people get tired of IE’s shortfalls. The
day is coming when 80% or more web surfers will be using Firefox.

| Firefox 2.0 To Debut Tuesday                                       |
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An anonymous reader writes "[0]Firefox 2.0 for Tuesday, says the Seattle
PI. They give a quick recap of some of the new features, and discuss the
ongoing IE vs. Fox debate." From the article: "Version 2.0 also improves
on the tabbed-windows interface that Mozilla innovated and that Microsoft
introduced for the first time last week with IE7, its biggest upgrade
since 2001. Analysts said IE7 is a significant improvement over its
predecessor, but the big question is whether it will stem Firefox's
growth at Microsoft's expense. Firefox's share of the browser market has
grown to 9.8 percent of the U.S. market this month, from 2.9 percent in
October 2004."

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