I honestly don’t know how I managed to miss out on hearing about this.  I remember the 1978 George Romero classic, Sometime in the early 1980’s I think I watched it 20 times in one year (yeah, you’re right, I had too much time on my hands.).

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, particularly science fiction and horror, and I’ve managed to go through most of what I’ve got in those genres (my wife didn’t like horror so I chose to respect her opinion and so we never had very much of it.)

So I started looking around Sale pages to see what’s out there for a good price.  I thought about getting Twilight but I think I’m going to wait until it’s price drops below $10 before I get it.  Then I found the “Dawn of the Dead” remake.  I can’t say what else I might end up getting, but that one just shot to number 1 on my “movies I wanna see” list.

Based on the reviews I was able to find about it.  It’s essentially the same story as the original with a few tweaks, better acting (according to critics, but what do they know about acting?), and of course, much better special effects.

Yeah, it’s loaded with blood and gore and definitely not for the squeamish but I have a secret, I know it’s only a movie.  Seeing stuff like that in real life would probably send me into a hour long marathon puking session.  But since it’s just a movie, Rock on.

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