You know how it is that regardless of what field you name theres usually companies that specialize in one particular aspect of it.  Retail business is probably the most obvious example, with retailers specializing in any number of products.  It’s easy to find retailers that focus not just on food but on one particular subset of all things “food”.  The same goes for electronics, cars, jewelry … Etc

I think however that lawyers are taking it to a new level.  It’s a given that lawyers will specialize in a particular field… Corporate, criminal, defense, prosecution, contract, Etc.  Then recently I saw an advertisement for the “best motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles has to offer”.

I get specialization.  But for some reason I don’t get specializing quite that narrowly either.  Honestly, I’d imagine that specializing as far as “motor vehicle accident lawyers” would be enough.  By narrowing down so low it seems to me they’re cutting off a lot of potential business.

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