I think the reaction here is way out of proportion… On both sides of the issue.

Jury Awards $11 Million for Internet Defamation

dptalia writes “A woman in Florida has been awarded $11.3 million dollars in a defamation case. Apparently the defendant was unhappy with the plaintiff’s referral service and posted complaints all over the internet. In a chilling slap at free speech, the jury decided that not only was this illegal, but that it was worth over $11 million. The defendant can’t pay the judgement — she can’t even pay for an attorney. The plaintiff says she doesn’t care, but sued for the principle of the thing.”

First off, If the woman was unhappy with the service then she has the right to say so if she so chooses and as long as what she says is true, then it seems to me that a case like this should be tossed out on it’s ear.

Second off, Even if she was saying something untrue in her complaints, The service didn’t need to seek some monstrous judgement, nor did the jury need to award them $11.3 million dollars that she’s never going to be able to pay.  There were better ways for this to be handled.  Ways that would not have constituted yet another slap at freedom of speech.

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