In the last several months I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to do a lot of really cool video effects using a variety of software.  Lately I’ve started working on a script for a home brew movie that will feature all virtual “actors”, home brew special effects and so on.

I’m *almost* close to the point where I can begin laying out the details of the project in a storyboard format of some kind.  Part of the problem however is that if I get my way, this could easily end up being a three or four hour long production which is fine with me.  However the problem is in finding media to record it on.

Granted, the scope of this thing is big enough that it may take me a year or three to get it completely finished but you see, just from looking around and calling places within reach, dual layer “dvd 9” isn’t exactly commonly on sale in this neck of the woods.

Especially if, like me, you’ve also got this crazy idea of using a stack of double sided dvd 9’s for data backup.  Having been burned by not having a backup when I needed it once before, I’m planning to keep all of my important stuff backed up on data dvd’s.  In order to keep the number of disks needed to a minimum, I’m thinking dvd 9 flippies would be a good answer.  So far the closest I can come is Verbatim 8x DVD+R Double Layer Media which is great.  It just isn’t double sided.

So, I’ll keep looking and probably go ahead with a stack of the single sided disks to at least get started on the archiving project.

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