Time For A Freenet 0.5 How To Video Series

May 5th, 2009 | Posted in Censorship, file sharing, freeware, Internet, Opinion, Privacy, Software, Tutorials | Comments Off on Time For A Freenet 0.5 How To Video Series

I guess I’ve been a little “out of it” for a while concerning things like Freenet because of the general shitstorm that my life has been turning into but getting back into things recently it’s occurred to me that in spite of being abandoned by the original developers, Freenet 0.5 is still very much alive and in use.

The one thing that it really needs is more users.  This is something that hasn’t been happening so much lately.  Partly because the developers have almost eliminated mention of or support for 0.5 in favor of 0.7.  That’s all fine and dandy but there’s still a lot of people that have reservations about using a version that’s still young enough to need acne skin treatment by the bucket load.  Following the support list I’m still seeing frequent mention of problems that involve extremely high cpu usage, memory usage and more recently, an issue involving in excess of 2000 file handles being open at once.

Therefore I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’ve gotten somewhat better at making videos and create a series of “how to” videos that are aimed at making freenet easy for total newbies to set up and install it.

I’ll start with the basics of getting freenet installed and working, then cover some basic freenet utilities and close with a video tutorial showing how to create a freenet website (freesite).

I expect to have the first of these videos done in a week or so.  I’ll be posting here as each one is completed and on my YouTube channel I’ll create a playlist with all of them in it.

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