In a recent post I mentioned a problem with nightmares and how I’d actually prefer the “Freddy” type instead.

Well, I got to thinking about it and perhaps the thing to do is turn the tables and instead of being subject to the nightmares, it’d be better by far to BE the nightmare.  The idea is that if I’m the baddest Mo-Fo IN the thing, then whatever was after me before doesn’t stand a chance.

With that in mind I decided, just for the heck of it, to go looking around sale pages to see what I could find that would help build just the right dream image to get the job done.

I was actually surprised at one thing I found that could easily be the best tool for the job.  An actual Freddy Krueger style Razor Glove!!  This sucker isn’t just a plastic reproduction either.  It looks just like the infamous glove used in the Nightmare on Elm St. movies and features metal detailing to give the most realistic look and feel possible.

Obviously of course this thing isn’t meant for real life mayhem, but having it means that your dreaming mind will know it’s available and give what in modern folklore has become a symbol of ultimate dream power.

“Welcome to prime time, bitch”
— Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare On Elm St 3, Dream Warriors

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