At least some readers are aware of the fact that I’ve allowed myself to gain a lot of excess weight over the last several years and now I’m stuck with the very difficult task of getting rid of it.

I know the main line that you get from doctors, control your intake and increase your physical activity and weight loss will come.  The problem is that this advice is a LOT easier to give than to put into practice.  Therefore while I actually do try to use that basic advice (and it does keep me from getting bigger), I have also been exploring other possibilities.

Tonight I’ve been reading phenphedrine reviews.  I’ve never actually heard of this stuff before but based on the reviews I’ve seen, Phenphedrine is apparently one of the newest and most popular diet supplements on the market.

This diet supplement is apparently stronger than most other diet supplements and only requires you to take one capsule per dose.  It’s also got an impressive looking list of ingredients that are all aimed at either increasing the body’s metabolism and therefore it’s ability to burn off fat, or things that are intended to keep the body from building on to the already excess fat stores.

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