I just read a rather rambling post on ZDnet that talked about some research that McCafee has been doing recently.  It seems that instead of deciding to take European cruises they opted to spend a boatload of money figuring out that “screensavers” is a dangerous thing to search for.

It doesn’t stop there of course, they also came up with the brilliant deduction that search keys that include the word “free” are hazardous as well.  Not only that, but keywords including “lyrics” and many lyrics sites are risky things to search.

What I don’t get is why anybody had to research this.  It’s got to be one of the most obvious things on the net, long gone are the days when it was even remotely safe to download a screensaver from ANY site.  You never know what kind of extra baggage you’re getting along with the screensaver, baggage that may or may not be mentioned in the license agreement that you have to accept when installing it.

You know, the one that almost NOBODY reads because its obfuscated in legal language to deliberately conceal what it is you’re agreeing to.  Many a botnet has been born out of free screensaver downloads.

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