Something I’ve talked about in the past is the fact that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall.  Microsoft & co. have made it clear that they’re moving on, first with Vista and now with Seven.  As much as I don’t like the fact, sooner or later the XP Pro that I prefer to stick with instead of those increasingly nasty new versions of windows is going to end up far enough out of date that it not only won’t run anything new but probably will reach a point where, like windows 95, it’s no longer even a good idea to allow it on the net.

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu LinuxI originally had planned to set up my laptop with a vista / ubuntu dual boot and use that as a learning ground to become familiar enough with ubuntu so that when the time came I could just make the switch to linux on my desktop machines.  However the laptop’s hard drive failed and after spending time browsing sale pages I find that replacing it just isn’t going to happen as soon as I’d like.

So, In the meantime, I’ve decided to take something of an old fashioned approach to learning the ins and outs of linux in general and Ubuntu in particular, a paperback book titled “A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux“.  It’s a method that isn’t used so much anymore these days what with e-books and video tutorials and such but it’s still one that honestly works pretty good for me.  As for having an e-book version, that might work ok for some but I prefer having a physical bound book… it’s easier to put bookmarks in and use sticky notes and highlighters to make notes in it.

The main thing is that because I can see the end of windows operating systems coming (and trust me, Microsoft’s days as the “Big dog” are all but over.), I’m planning to be ready and make the switch to linux as far ahead of time as I can.  For once in my life I’m going to be in the leading pack on something like this instead of playing the “scramble to catch-up” game.

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