What with one thing after another, it’s been either really busy around here or I’ve been all but incapacitated because of tooth pain that leads to an instant migraine that leaves me sitting in the dark with heavy duty shades on to keep exposure to light down to an absolute minimum.  Thankfully, at least this round of it seems to be winding down and I’m actually getting caught up on stuff.

Of course, now that I’m looking at some free time, I’m thinking that it’s time for something I don’t do nearly as much as I once did … break out a game and do something that’s way more enjoyable and unproductive like blasting zombies, aliens or whatever unsuspecting evil critter might be about.

unreal anthologyThe downside (you knew there had to be one right?) is that A, I don’t actually have that many games to begin with and B, I’ve played the one’s I have half to death (figuratively speaking).  This means it’s time to start hitting search engines and sale pages to see what I can come up with.  It needed to be something that isn’t asking for more CPU speed or graphics than my system can provide.  More and more stuff these days is written with the idea that the user is going to have the hottest machine on the market and the absolute latest graphics card.  Something that I find unrealistic in the extreme because that stuff can get expensive fast.

Thankfully it turned out that only a few minutes of looking around gave me an idea.  A few years ago the Unreal series of games game out.  As usual it required what at the time was state of the art gaming machine, 3d graphics card and so on.  Well, they say time heals all wounds and in this case at least, it’s true.  My machine may not be state of the art, but it’s worlds ahead of what was the average gaming machine back then.  This means that the “Unreal Anthology” that I just found is now on the top of my “need to get this” list.

Because of the system requirements issue, I never actually played it back then when it and it’s sequels were new.  Although I did once have a copy of Wheel of Time which, though it’s a totally different game, uses the Unreal game engine and I found it to have some amazing detail and playability was very good.  The great thing about this anthology pack is that it appears to have not only Unreal, but all of the sequels / spinoffs as well.  Not only am I looking forward to playing it, I’m also looking forward to getting into the editor and building my own maps.

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