I’ve been playing more and more with video editing and learning how to do assorted special effects.  I’ve even been trying to work on a script for a movie that uses as much of this stuff as I can just to show off a bit.  One thing that’s started to become an *issue* however is storage space.

You see, anybody that does any amount of work with video can tell you that it eats hard drive space like candy.  I’ve got a 250gb drive and what with one project or another I recently had it to within 15gb of being completely full!  I cured the problem this time by going back and deleting old projects and various interim video clips that aren’t needed anymore but that’s really only a temporary measure.

What I really need to do is get my ever growing collection of “stock footage”, clips and pictures that I keep available to use in my videos, moved off of the hard drive.  I’ve currently got several gigs of stuff and I’m adding to it all the time.  Then there are finished projects that I’d like to keep so that I can refer to them in the future which means moving the entire project folder with all video clips, pictures and project files.

Moving all this to CD-ROM disks is out of the question, only 700mb per disk isn’t nearly enough and for a growing number of them, even a single layer DVD isn’t enough.  The best answer is dual layer DVD’s.  The problem is that they’ve been notoriously hard to find.  I’ve been to many a sale page looking for ’em.

memorex blank dual layer dvdThen recently I found a goldmine.  A 2 Pack of 25 Memorex 8x Double Layer DVD+R disks and I’m thinking seriously that I ought to double-order that sucker while it’s still available.  Memorex has always been a great name in recordable media so quality isn’t an issue.

Another reason why I’d actually like to get a hundred or more of these disks is that there’s been plenty of times when I’d get a collection of video ready to burn to DVD only to find out that in order to do things the way I want to do them, I’d have to have a dual layer disk.  This has caused me to have to trash my plans and what I wanted to do in order to fit something on a single layer disk.  Besides, when it comes to using them for pure data storage, 8.5gb disks make important backups a breeze.

Now if only they’d make dual layer disks in a re-writeable version!  (hey, I can dream can’t I?)

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