Y’know, I’ve wondered about Obama since I first heard of him making noises about running for president and now I’m more and more convinced that at the very least he’s definitely a diet pill or six short of a weight loss program.. either that or his mother dropped him on his head, repeatedly, when he was young.  It’s also no question that he obviously thinks we’re all idiots willing to believe his re-writing of history.

I’m talking about his recent speech at Cairo University.  I just read about it on the Bobo Files and I don’t have to go farther than the first three paragraphs to find something that bleeds away what little shred of respect I might have had for Obama.

Let me make this absolutely clear, I HATE people revising history to suit their own agenda.

Obama did just that in his speech.  He managed to attribute things to the muslim world that they frankly had zilch to do with.  Here’s what the BoBo Files had to say about it:

Everything that he attributed to muslim culture actually is credited to other ancient cultures – medicine and tracking the spread of disease – that is ancient Greece.  Hippocrates was one of the first to document what we now know as bacterial spread of disease.  Algebra is attributed to ancient Greeks – and lastly – Arches – really?  This great architectural accomplishment is attributed to ancient Romans.  I guess Obama has never seen the aquaducts.

Like I said, I have had doubts about this man since I first heard of him and now those doubts are giving way to certainty, electing him to the highest office in the land was a mistake.  I only hope now that it’s one that we’ll correct in the next election so that he’ll be stopped before he does something irreversibly disastrous.

Then there is the question of his citizenship.  The man has gone to unheard of extremes to keep his birth certificate out of the public eye.  Why is that?  Maybe he has something to hide?  For more about this, check out this Online petition – Sign The Petition Against the Legitimacy of Obama’s Citizenship.

In any case, we need that man OUT of office A.S.A.P.

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